Eligibility ID: Info Request

  • To set up the Food Safety exam please fill out the required information (below) to receive an eligibility ID number. Please note that after submitting, it may take up to 10 days to receive your eligibility ID number.

    Important Notes:

    • Once you receive the ID number, it may take 48 hours for it to become valid, so you may need to wait a few days before scheduling your exam.
    • DO NOT schedule an exam if the testing site is further than 30 miles from either your home or work address, whichever is closer.  If the closest testing center is over 30 miles away, please email LMSAdmin@wincofoods.com for alternate instructions.
    • Make sure that once you schedule your exam, you are able to make it to that date and time.  There is typically a rescheduling fee if changes need to be made after the fact.

    Eligibility ID Request Form